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Celebrating 7 years through 7 countries

What an adventure it has been! It was 7 years ago last week that I made a post on Facebook declaring that I wanted to participate in helping people build their families via egg donation and surrogacy. 7 years ago when I stepped on a plane 10 days after learning about surrogacy in India. I haven't stopped since, through countries with ever changing laws, to earthquakes, volcanoes, exit delays, and a Military Coup, to seeing someone rot in jail for 18 months just for doing her job, this job, helping people have long awaited families.

It is a different world; gone are the days of "simply" wiring money blindly to clinics waiting for that single photo of a surrogate from her neck down, pregnant at 28 weeks; no medical records of the surrogate mothers; no real input on number of embryos transferred, just blind faith that wired money would go to the surrogate and her care and that a baby would be returning home with the parents. Now, intended parents are becoming more educated, more aware that they need to understand the ins and outs before pushing "send". We aim to help our IPs from start to finish, it is not a journey that everyone who considers this option should undertake - there are risks in every location, but, on the other side of that is complete and utter joy once everyone has what our clients refer to as that "ARGO" moment as they are on their first airplane ride home with their newborns.

CSS is here to discuss options, to be creative, and to help you mitigate risk and to safely and quickly achieve a healthy delivery. I am so proud that 75% of our Intended parents have returned for sibling projects, despite the second (and yes, third) surrogacy pregnancies being in a completely different country than the first journey. CSS success rate stands at 95%. We've helped hundreds of Intended parents from all over the world, that is, over 400 babies.

I'm not giving up yet.

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