Complete Surrogacy Solutions waiving fees for Intended Parents who began their journey in Ukraine

Complete Surrogacy Solutions has been through every single imaginable "road block" of international surrogacy in the past 10 years of its existence. From sudden surrogacy program closures due to surprising changes in legislation in India; earthquakes in Nepal with limited resources and surrogates about to give birth (CSS was the only agency to successfully rescue its embryos from Grande International Hospital and have subsequent success with embryo transfers in other countries - meaning that the embryos rescued survived and have resulted in births); a Military Coup and denial of exit visas in Thailand (CSS had 22 babies on the ground alone, let alone those stranded by their own agencies who fled - I flew INTO Bangkok to personally help while other agencies and clinics abandoned newborns and their parents); the sudden closure of a program in Cambodia and a fellow Australian agent and friend unjustly arrested and horribly jailed for 18 months, simply for doing her job and well; the change in legalization of surrogacy in Villahermosa, Mexico while our babies were on the ground waiting to go home (the rest of Mexico remains in operation) - the list goes on - and it took its toll on my clients, and on me. The pandemic hit and CSS had 5 babies who were "stranded" due to strict border closures. I honestly thought that this was the worst thing that could happen in this journey in surrogacy - aside from the loss of an infant or surrogate. I was wrong. The situation in Ukraine and the horrors we are watching are unfathomable. I have been through all of these extreme situations and understand how this impacts everyone involved - especially our surrogate mothers and newborns. I have been wracking my brain to think of how I can help - so I've decided to focus on Intended Parents with embryos that are potentially still viable remaining inside of Ukraine, and also embryos that have been relocated to other areas, such as Poland. I will utilize all resources and connections made through the years in an effort to safely rescue and transport these fragile little blastocysts. In addition, I will waive the CSS agency fee and profit for matching impacted IPs with other programs outside of the USA. This is an effort to assist those Intended Parents who need help finding a new location in which to safely be matched with clinics and surrogates and to have embryo transfers without longer delays. I believe in what we are doing, plus I have a MS in Embryology and Reproductive Science that has enabled me to develop programs and protocols for surrogate selection and preparation which have yielded average of 95% success rates by the second transfer of average to excellent embryos and blastocysts. Approximately 80 percent have been successful on first transfer. This means that the CSS protocol combined with top physicians and clinics has helped over 600 babies arrive safely into the arms of intended parents who have enrolled in our programs in 10 years and through 9 countries.

One might think in reading this that it is utterly insane to continue to want to do this work outside of the USA (where a single complete program from egg donor through birth can cost $200k+) but I know that there are so many families who just can't reach that price point - the majority of my Intended Parents and couples opt to have two children which is still significantly less expensive than one surrogacy in the US, while helping surrogate mothers have funds for their own families. I started this company from my heart, after suffering through my own years of miscariages and infertility without a ton of supportive information available at the time. Offering to assist with embryo relocation and match IPs with vetted programs and surrogates, while foregoing profit, is one way that I know I can directly help people who have already spent a fortune in emotions and finances to start their surrogacy process in Ukraine. No one can fully guarantee a successful outcome of any attempt of pregnancy and childbirth, and I can't personally end a war or go help fight on the front lines. But, perhaps this is one small way to make a difference to the world of international surrogacy that has been the most amazing, rewarding, and daring rollercoaster ride of my own life.

I can be reached directly at

Kimberly Waters Hendrix

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